A few of my favorite things

A few of my favorite things

All too often, I find Women’s Golf Gift Guides are focused on gear that isn’t exactly one with the times - but I still wear skinny jeans so maybe I don’t have a pulse on trends? Regardless, I hate when I scroll through those guides and the ‘women’s gift images’ are actually men with the item or stock photos of women who have clearly never picked up a golf club before. So, in an effort to make what I would deem a better list of golf related items, I’ll be releasing a regular list of my favorite things. Now, I understand I am one person and these are simply things i’m loving at the moment, but maybe these regular lists will help our women get a gift they actually want the next time a special occasion rolls around. Otherwise, i’ll be using these lists as a personal registry for gift items my husband/family can reference (cough, cough #1). I hope you enjoy, and please let me know if there is anything you have your eye on these days - I love going ’research’ shopping.

I have the S’well bottle, but I admittedly don’t clean it as often as I should so when I heard about a new self cleaning water bottle that also purifies your water, I was more excited than I should have been. Now, I LOVE cold water, I just don’t drink as much water when it’s lukewarm so the fact that these bottles are also the 24 cold/12 hot, again got me more excited about a water bottle than you normally should be. The cost is the biggest deterrent for me, but I know I’ll cave and it get one day soon.

I have had my fair share of injuries from trying to make it as a soccer player, by the time I realized I should just focus on a non-contact sport like golf, I had already torn my ACL 4 times and had a new ankle. So to say I hurt after a round of golf is putting it lightly, but the Theragun has been a lifesaver in helping me recover. I love that the mini is small enough to keep in your bag to help you with those aches and pains mid-round.

Chipping is probably the strongest, most consistent part of my game so I LOVE challenging my husband, brother, anyone to a chip off and this net would just make it that much more interesting. It would be perfect to use in the backyard on the days you can’t get to the course (or any day for winning bragging rights). Plus my brother has one and I can’t let him become a better chipper than me.

Something else to admit here, I don’t take the best care of my clubs. Once I pull my driver out on the first hole, I hardly ever put the cover back on. I know, I know I need to take better care of my sticks - i’m working on it! The head covers and accessory pouches are timeless, literally, they can stay with you through all of your different clubs.

Clearly i’m a 75 year old living in a 28 year old body with how much I talk about recovery items, but I love me a good foam roller. When my family insists on playing as soon as the sun peaks out in the morning, a good foam roller does wonders for getting my body ready to hack it up on the course that early. The fact that this one is collapsable and can travel with you wherever you go is a dream! #recoverynerd