We are Draw & Fade Modern

A women’s golf brand, founded by a woman golfer on a mission to give everyone who plays the game the tools they need to feel welcome in the clubhouse.
Taylor Olson

Founder, D&F Modern

I am so excited to bring fashion forward, functional clothing options to women golfers, but even more, I’m ecstatic for the change I know we will drive as a community.
Why I started D&F Modern

I’ve had a golf club in my hand ever since I could stand. My dad taught me to play when I was little, and it has been our bonding point ever since. In high school, when my dreams of playing soccer were crushed by four separate torn ACLs, it was the recovery-friendly sport I turned to for my athletic outlet. And four years ago, it was the first-date that my now husband took me on after we met in San Francisco.

Like many golf players, I have my ups and downs with the sport. Getting frustrated on the days when my swing isn’t right, but falling in love with it all over again after I hear the perfect ‘ding’ from hitting it square on my driver.

Yet even after 20+ years of playing the game, I’ve never understood a few things about golf: 

Why I needed to change my gender in order to post scores from the back tees at most courses

Why many courses dictated which tees are for men and women

Why some people assume I am at a course to watch my dad or husband play

Why florescent pink clothing is seemingly always on trend for women’s golf wear

In my years of playing golf and making friends in the game, I’ve come to realize these problems are not unique to me. Golf has long been an exclusive sport, and it’s time for that to change.

I used to think that when I was older and had the time I would try going pro, but then I remembered how terrible I am at putting. SO, I did the next best thing – I started an inclusive golf brand with a mission to eliminate all the things I’ve never understood about golf. Our goal is to make sure everyone feels comfortable on the golf course, and our first step is creating great clothing options for female golfers. D&F Modern's mission is to create a more welcoming and inviting environment for anyone and everyone who wants to play the game.


We're going to work to accomplish this through five initiatives:

Gender Tees

While gender specific tee boxes are commonplace, they create a mental barricade that can prevent women from hitting from the middle or back tees and discourage men from playing from the forward tees. Tee boxes should be used to determine ability, not gender.

By eliminating the on-course and online signage many courses have remaining, we will eventually eliminate the stigma that a women’s spot on the course is confined to the forwardmost tees. This will also allow golfers, of any gender, to tee it forward without any negative connotations associated with hitting from the forward tees.

Eliminate Handicap Barriers

When posting scores for their handicap, women are predominately limited to the forward tees and have to go through a time-consuming process to post from the middle and back tees or else change their gender in their profile.  

By eliminating the barriers women face, we will see more accurate handicaps and women feeling more comfortable playing from the correct tees. This would also be an opportunity for courses to show their commitment and support of all genders.

Empowering Women Players

We are creating a community of young adult women golfers to encourage them to learn and play the game together. A previously overlooked audience in golf, women can learn and grow through our community outings as well as our blog posts created by females in the industry.  We are working to empower women in the golf industry and give them a safe and comfortable environment to play the game they are passionate about.

Amplifying Golf

Golf cannot continue to grow if the stories of players or brands pushing for change are never heard from. D&F Modern will be a platform for like-minded brands to support the progress of golf. Through collaborations and partnerships, as well as highlighting brands and individuals on social media, D&F Modern will champion those who are all working towards the common goal of making golf a more inviting space for anyone who wants to play.

Fashion Forward, Functional Clothes

Golf clothes for women are not made with the female golfer in mind. Instead, they are made with the female spectator in mind. We need to create clothes for women that make them feel as if they belong at the course. Even further, we need to create clothes for women that they are excited to wear and don’t have to change out of if they go out after the course.