A Few Of My Favorite Things - Mom’s Edition

A Few Of My Favorite Things - Mom’s Edition

Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday and whoever that motherly figure in your life is deserves a little something something for everything they have selflessly done for you. Forewarning, these are not all entirely golf related, but let’s see how much I can stretch. Happy Mother’s day to all the mother’s out there - i’m so grateful to have so many wonderful mother figures in my life.

I know I know, flowers aren’t a unique gift on Mother’s Day, but what about flowers that are delivered regularly? AKA the ultimate gift that keeps on giving! After a day at the course (or anywhere really), I guarantee your mom will love coming home to fresh, beautiful flowers. Plus every-time she receives the box, she’ll be reminded of how special she is to you and that’s all that matters on Mother’s Day.

Mothers Day Golf Gift

What better way to show your golf loving mom how thankful you are for her than by giving her a hand drawn art piece of her favorite golf hole? The feminine touch of this art is the perfect piece for mom and the special times you’ve shared bonding over golf.

If you’d rather have the whole course, then look no further than Ally Aiken’s course maps. These can be framed and hung beautifully to always remember a special course between you and mom.

Mother Day Golf Gift

If your mom likes wine (rose, white, red, bubbly, etc.) then she needs this Vinglace Wine Set. Not only will the bottle stay cold, but so will the wine when you pour it - and when I say bottle, I mean this isn’t just a tumbler for Cabs, this baby fits wine of all shapes and sizes. This will be moms new favorite accessory on the course.

After a day at the course, is there anything else mom wants to do other than shower and put on some comfy clothes that help her muscles feel better? Lunya’s insanely soft clothing not only feels great, but it increases blood flow and recharges muscles so your body doesn’t feel the swings from 18 holes the next day. Mom will be thanking you for months after with this gift.

If you’re anything like me, then you’ve probably done something that your mom didn’t particularly love. I’ve only done such a thing once (lies), but maybe putting your face on a golf ball will give your mom something to look at when she’s swinging a club as hard as she can….

There’s a SMALL chance we’re biased about this one, but give mom the gift of a good looking hat because when she’s looking good she’s feeling good and she sure the heck is playing good.