An Executive Course: It’s About Time

An Executive Course: It’s About Time

When it comes to playing a round of golf there’s one thing we can count on, it’s going to take time, 3-4 hours to be exact. If you’re short on time and still want to get a few holes in, you may just need to set your eyes on an executive course. An “executive course” is a course that’s shorter than a standard golf course in one or more respects. 

How Did Executive Courses Begin

The term “executive course” comes from the business world. When business people, also referred to as executives, want to get in a quick round before or after work, this required that the round be shorter than a normal regulation course. And so the term and course style came to be.

However, executive courses are not limited to just executives. Turns out shorter and less challenging courses are also great for beginners, higher-handicappers, or anyone who wants a shorter game. For some golfers, it’s the quickness of the pace of play that attracts them to executive courses. For others, it’s the simplicity and laid back environment that appeals to them. 

Draw & Fade Executive Courses

All About Time


Let’s be honest, for most of us golf comes down to time, and how much we have. The executive course doesn’t necessarily mean fewer holes, it just means less time. Executive golf courses can be nine holes or 18 holes in length. With half the holes, we can expect the course to take half the time, falling around 2 hours or less. Because the majority of holes are short, executive courses are also a good option for junior golfers, beginners, or anyone else who enjoys golf but struggles with the lengthy-time requirements of a standard course.

Executive vs. Par 3 Courses

Are executive courses and par-3 courses the same thing? They can be, but “executive course” is more of an inclusive term. All par-3 courses can be thought of as belonging to the “executive course” set, but not all executive courses are par-3 course. Think of par-3 courses, short courses, and pitch-and-putt courses as sub-set of executive golf courses. 

Benefits of Executive Courses

One of the major benefits of executive courses is your ability to play short rounds. Executive courses promise better prices, faster rounds, and a less challenging course. They’re a great way to take some pressure off the game, a perfect way to practice for beginners or to just simply remember why you love the game. With shorter holes and lower costs, it’s a great way to get back to your golf roots and just have some fun. 

If you feel intimidated by regulation courses, as a beginner golfer, an executive course is a great place to start. Whether you’re looking to squeeze a round of golf in after work or play a quick round with your friends on the weekend, executive golf courses are a great choice. 

Many executive courses can be found in cities or densely populated areas. Often, these executive courses will have a driving range or putting green attached to it as well. 

There’s nothing better than a quick round, saving money, and working on your game. Find your executive course today!