Let’s Talk About Tee Boxes

Let’s Talk About Tee Boxes
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There’s a common misconception in golf that every player has a specific set of tees that they should play from. Generally, it’s thought men should play from at least 6,000 yards and can utilize pretty much any teeing area they like as long as it’s that distance or longer. However, for women, no matter your skill level, most will assume that there’s only one place from you to play from: the “ladies tees”.

Here’s the thing. There is no such thing as “ladies tees”. That’s probably groundbreaking news for most golfers because that’s usually how the teeing areas located furthest forward on most courses are described. But, gendered tee boxes don’t actually exist for men or women, and for a myriad of reasons, it’s time that that terminology is permanently cycled out by the golfing community.

For one, it, unfortunately, has stigmatized the use of the forward tees for many male golfers who would benefit from playing further up. There’s often an assumption that those tees are “only for women'' or “too easy” when in fact, the forwardmost tees on most golf courses are simply recommended for those with higher handicaps, male or female.

It’s counterintuitive to the “grow the game” mindset to limit a person to a specific set of tees only because supposedly men can only play from the white and back and women play from the red. Being able to play from shorter yardages makes golf so much easier and more fun for those who are a little less skilled or are new to the game. But, the assumption that the forward tees are somehow inferior is continually perpetuated by the use of this antiquated terminology.

You’re basically telling golfers to make the game as hard as possible for themselves, effectively ruining the entire point of the sport in the first place: to have fun.

If you’re skilled enough to play the back tees, go for it. If you feel more comfortable playing as far up as you can get, that’s fine too! What’s most important is that your round is enjoyable and that you want to continue to play.

The forward tees also can serve as a valuable tool for those looking to improve their game. One of the best things that you can do if you’re looking to better your wedge game or your scoring ability is to play from the forward tees and many instructors recommend this type of practice for those who are learning how to “go low” for the first time.

For those who haven’t been in the situation before, it can be challenging to maintain an under-par round with all the pressure that comes with one. Getting comfortable with breaking par is a difficult thing to practice, but, by playing from the forward tees, a player can at the very least recreate those types of scenarios in order to familiarize themselves with the feelings that happen as a result. Practicing what it takes from a mental standpoint to break par consistently will only make a player better and the forward tees provide an optimal chance to do so.

Furthermore, playing from the forward tees presents the opportunity for a player to hit their shorter, scoring clubs into greens. Being sharp with your wedges can really make a difference in one’s ability to play good golf so utilizing the front tees to practice hitting with those clubs is an effective and productive way to improve your game. The more consistently and closer you can hit your short irons, the lower your scores will be.


It’s time to retire the “ladies tees” verbiage. It’s doing nothing but encouraging outdated thought processes in a game that needs nothing more than to become more progressive and inclusive.

The simple fact is it doesn’t matter in the slightest which tees you play. What does matter is your ability to get better and feel comfortable on the golf course.

What matters is that you’re having fun.