Love Day Gift Guide

Love Day Gift Guide

Whether you’re looking for a gift for the golfing lady in your life or just looking to Treat Yo Self this Valentine’s Day, we’ve curated a list of our favorite golf related items that aren’t golf balls or rangefinders. Happy love day and enjoy!

1.     Vuori Daily Bra

I can’t swear by this sports bra enough! I’ve never worn anything so comfortable that still has enough support. Trust me, you won’t even notice this during the 5+ hour rounds.

2.     Golf Course Maps

These make great gift items for any golf lover in your life, but is especially sweet when you get a course map that holds sentimental value to you and your love.

3.     Golf Card

Let the card do the talking for you…

4.     Biossance Sunscreen

I always keep a bottle of this sunscreen in my golf bag. It’s light weight, but the zinc adds the extra protection you need on the course. It hydrates your skin and smells amazing.

5.     Drnxmyth (Pre-Made Cocktails)

These pre-made cocktails are perfect to bring to the course with you and your honey for the 9 hole date you have planned for this weekend. Throw them in the cooler and enjoy!

6.     Nike Air Max 90 G

These iconic shoes have been updated for golf and we all know when you’re looking good, you’re playing playing good.

The gift that keeps on giving! Choose the subscription model that best suits you and you’ll be treated to inspiring stories and jaw-dropping photographs. Get a physical version to keep as a coffee table book. Let’s be real this is a gift for you as much as it is your significant other.

8.     Leather Golf Log

Remember when we used to write things down? Give the gift of pen to paper and allow your partner to remember their best rounds in a leather-bound golf log.

Golf can be serious at times, but we all know if you can’t laugh at it from time to time, the game will destroy you. The New Yorker’s illustrations help make this possible and help you laugh when these same things happen to you on the course.

Maybe I’m just getting older (or maybe I have an overly aggressive swing), but after every round my upper back hurts for two days. Give your love a massage that helps soothe inflamed muscles – AKA get ready for more golf!