This One’s For The Girls

This One’s For The Girls

Picture this: It is Saturday and your friends are trying to plan the perfect day at the beach; sun, sand, and surf, and while all that sounds amazing, you have a 9 am tee time at your favorite golf course. You know this feeling all too well, especially if you’re a female in the game of golf, you know that most of the time your girl friends aren’t the first to pitch golf as the go-to hang-out idea.

How do you tell your friends you can't make it to another beach day, yet again? You don't. You invite them to your 9 am tee time! Sure, there may be some hesitations from some in the group but you are quick to mention all the reasons you yourself started to golf. 


Need we say more? There is something about the plaid pants, sun visors, and preppy collared shirts that always keep people coming back for more. Even better than the fashion itself is having to shop for all the gear. Golf superstores have every last thing you need, including practice putting greens, simulators, and the best and most fashion-forward outfits for anyone and everyone.  

Golf Carts

IMG_3403 (1).jpg

Have you ever driven a car with no doors or windshield on windy pathways before? It’s typically frowned upon unless you’re at the golf course but there is something so fun and exhilarating about driving golf carts around in the sun. Don’t forget to mention the most important golf cart - the drink cart. Yes, the golf cart that drives around the course serves alcoholic drinks. *pro tip: bring cash for tipping your servers* 

Friendly Competition 

Golf doesn't have to be the Masters every time. Keep it casual and encouraging to keep everyone comfortable and willing to golf again next weekend. If your friends are the competitive type, boost the group morale with a friendly tournament, or turning it into a drinking game, or better yet - bet on it. Check out our previous post on games you can play on the course.

Physical Benefits


Maybe your crew is into fitness and weight loss. Have they ever tried walking an 18-hole golf course while carrying a golf bag? Challenge them to forgo the golf carts and track their steps. Guaranteed they will be surprised at just how many calories they will burn. Hanging out with friends sounds way more enjoyable than having to do squats and crunches at the gym. 

There are about 9,600+ golf courses in the United States of America. Think of all the travel possibilities! What a great way to connect with friends and family in other parts of the USA, not to mention all the photo-op opportunities. You can rotate who gets to pick a golf course each year and have a huge tournament on a new course.

Anyways, if there are still hesitations from anyone in the group after mentioning the killer fashion, the golf cart attraction (and drink cart), fitness, and friendly or not-so-friendly competition, try pointing out the huge community they are about to be a part of, the social aspect of hanging around the country club and eavesdropping on all the new gossip happening around town lured us right in! 

All in all, golf is a sport for anyone and everyone of all ages. Apart from its mental challenges, golf teaches patience, concentration, and honesty. There are so many reasons why golf is a sport for everyone.